The route that leads to Mikro Nisi is the wide road towards the unexpected.

Mikro Nisi signs, in between the vast olive grove and the pure vegetation of the area, prepare the visitor for something totally different; a magic scenery with three leading factors:
the blue sea, the green hills and Mikro Nisi.

Nothing more, nothing less than the ultimate experience of all day beach life which you will undoubtedly want to repeat over and over again.

The beach with its generous amenities and the authentic cuisine of the Corfiot south compose an unforgettable experience.

The various cocktails, specially prepared with imported ingredients from many different countries, all of them and each one of them separately, redeem the universality of the moment.

Good music and live performances given by great artists make the night even greater.

…And the applause lasts until the end of summer at Mikro Nisi, the absolute beach life destination at Corfu.


At Mikro Nisi a whole different summer is revealed where the cosmopolitan atmosphere meets the authenticity and coziness of the modern beach life and the pure nature.

The sandy beach and the crystal clear sea are beyond any ordinary attraction. It is a destination of a generous convenience. All services are designed for people who love the taste of the really good life!



At Mikro Nisi Beach Venue, the sunset itself is definitely an exaggeration; every time different and every time so amazingly beautiful! Its beauty and the pleasure of its unique sight unites with the pleasure of the inventive cocktails which are all named after sunset in different languages.



At Mikro Nisi, cuisine recreates on the table the full meal that people of the Corfiot south were longing to have after their hard working day.


A signature of excellence.

Events and parties at Mikro Nisi Beach Venue

During 2019 summer, you get the chance to enjoy the best DJs and music producers in an unforgettable party…

Check out the full calendar and make sure to be there when your favourite music producer is on the decks.

Also every now and then, we organise other events, apart from music and parties such as gastronomic and other thematic nights

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