At Mikro Nisi Beach Venue, the sunset itself is definitely an exaggeration; every time different and every time so amazingly beautiful! Its beauty and the pleasure of its unique sight unites with the pleasure of the inventive cocktails which are all named after sunset in different languages.

Like a nostalgic reference to the ending of a working day that the sunset used to symbolize in the past, at Mikro Nisi Beach Venue every day ends with a pleasant ritual: inventive cocktails, prepared with care and imagination, made of a variety of basic ingredients, each of them brought from a foreign country lift up all senses and complete the delight.

In terms of authenticity and cosmopolitan sent along with the romance of the evening, Mikro Nisi succeeds in drawing the most memorable times of summer at Corfu. Because the sunset at Mikro Nisi is without any doubt a lifetime experience!