Create a New Greek Cuisine


The chefs of Mikro Nisi Beach Venue create a new cuisine by combining local ingredients with contemporary techniques.

Manolis Manatos and Spiros Dasios are the designers of a dining experience which will amaze you with its novelty and stimulate all your senses due to its familiar flavours.



for your comfort & safety

Beach Bar

Service on the beach
Beach Menu


Set along golden sands lining the turquoise waterfront of one of the calmest bays on the island.


Cuisine recreates on the table the full meal that people of the Corfiot south were longing to have.


Vast parking area
Direct access to the beach and the restaurant


Mikro Nisi Beach Venue complies with all requirements of the Law and thoroughly applies all legal adjustments to deal with Covid-19 pandemic.

People with disabilities

People with disabilities have access
to most of the areas at Mikro Nisi Beach Venue.
Accessible toilets.

Mikro Nisi

Beach Venue

Ag. Gordios Lefkimmis, Corfu, Greece

T +30 690 681 1883

© 2021 Mikro Nisi | Developed by SOFTnWEB

© 2021 Mikro Nisi | Developed by SOFTnWEB