Legend has it that this beach used to be the place where pirates would gather to share their loots and hide their treasures. A mere visit here will have you convinced that this is true; because in Mikro Nisi Beach Venue you will come across a real summer treasure. This is your own private retreat, away from the hustle and bustle of busy and loud beach resorts. Set in a remote and thus unspoiled part of Corfu, you will find Mikro Nisi Beach Venue on the edge of the island, where the road meets the sea. In this idyllic setting of unique natural beauty, we have created an exclusive and chic hideaway for those want to relax at a hot spot with a lot of character.

In Mikro Nisi Beach Venue everything slows down until it is in sync with the venue’s chill vibes and easy-going approach to beach life. There is no other place where you would rather be on one of those long slow summer days. All of its spaces are designed and furnished so as to provide comfort and that the guests feel as though they are chilling in front of their dream beach house. Loungers, comfy cushions and swinging hammocks at the beachfront, good vibes and your favourite music playing while you lie down sipping on a drink; it doesn’t get more relaxing than that.

Lazy summer days are always celebrated in Mikro Nisi Beach Venue. We invite you to spend a whole day of chilling and relaxing, fueled by our Bar and Restaurant’s menu options. Take this moment to truly feel summer in your bones, only taking a break from working on your tan to visit the bar for a refill. From day until late at night, Mikro Nisi Beach Venue will make sure you stay nice and hydrated despite the heat and the sun, enjoying your coffee, a refreshing drink or cocktail and a snack at our restaurant.

Summer days in Mikro Nisi Beach Venue are well spent, just as they are supposed to; relaxing on a comfortable lounger, enjoying the sea and soaking up the sun and chilling out even after it has set.