Living both in the present and in the past makes us very proud!​

Mikro Nisi is located at the long sandy coast of the South part of Corfu. It stands right in the middle of a green hill and the crystal clear sea. Since the 18th century, the area around Mikro Nisi was totally deserted. It is said that the last monk of the local church- Saint Gordios church- abandoned the place being afraid that he was unwanted by Saint Gordios because soon after he lit up the candles, he found they had all been put out! So, the area used to be one of the most beautiful virgin areas of the island and it remained like that until the day we discovered it. Our aim and great desire is to keep it that way forever!

We are proud and certainly thankful for living, working and creating at Mikro Nisi! And this is why we didn’t just built a beach bar, restaurant, canteen or event venue but we created a thematic-Greek concept that honors the tradition of Lefkimmi.

We truly want all people coming here to visit us, to feel and share the joy, comfort and coziness our place offers, with us. We hope to make all visitors feel the warmth of the Greek and Corfiot hospitality and this is our primary goal. We refuse to use the word ‘’tourist’’ as for us, everybody visiting Mikro Nisi is considered to be a friendly guest. Moreover, as descendants of the ancient Greeks, there is nothing else we can do but to imitate the way ancient Greeks used to treat strangers. At Mikro Nisi, we hope to make every single one of our guests understand our concept and get from it a complete Mediterranean experience – even more an originally Corfiot one!

All the amenities we offer at the beach are designed in a primitively simple way making the setting not only look like nothing out of the ordinary but also perfect for relaxation and comfort. At the same time, the beach not only maintains its top picturesque nature but also remains ‘’untouched’’ and emits comfort. We believe that here, all human beings can easily feel well adjusted and happy.

When the sunset – the most spectacular ever sunset – begins at Mikro Nisi, we serve a great variety of cocktails (we call them ‘’sunset’’ in many different languages) letting every guest travel in taste to all magical sunsets of the world.

At the restaurant and bar and all over the place, our guests can find seats and tables for big and small groups and hammocks and sofas for relaxation or even for a quick nap. The atmosphere at Mikro Nisi feels exactly like home!

On our blog and on social media, in general, we have frequently talked about the food served at Mikro Nisi and the traditional ‘’cuisine’’ of Lefkimmi as well as our loyalty to the authentic local taste. But above all (drinks, food and events) what we most importantly would like to share is our love for who we are and what we do. We very much honor this particular part of the Corfiot land and its history, the people’s vision and their development and progress over the years. And yet, we don’t stop! Along with our respect for all of that, we certainly try to keep the quality and style on top in everything we do. We use the best ingredients, we organize fun parties, we play updated music and we upload fantastic photos on Instagram.

We hope that our unique way of living at Mikro Nisi will always be the most authentic one! We try to combine the yesterday’s inheritance – natural and cultural- with the today’s cosmopolitanism and we will definitely continue moving towards this direction. We promise to go on working hard for Mikro Nisi and its concept, history and natural beauty. In other words, we will go on working hard for a really good life!


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