Lefkimmi, South Corfu

The island of Corfu is such a unique place that, without any doubt makes the visitor lose track of time and space.

Lefkimmi, at the south part, not only is in itself a unique place on the island but also has a significant difference from all other parts. Authentically beautiful, full of magical beaches and spectacular sunsets, it is a sure destination that shouldn’t be missed.

The history of the place

The area of Lefkimmi begins right after Mesoggi and extends to the very last end of the Island which is the cape Kavo Bianco (known as Kavos). All villages of Lefkimmi took their names from the special characteristics of their land shape and history of the inhabitants. During the 411 years of the Venetian domination and during the 19th century that the island of Corfu was governed by the British and also after the union of Corfu with the New Greek state, Lefkimmi used to be a very difficult area for its inhabitants to live in. On the one hand, the land was not particularly fertile and therefore, it didn’t favor the production of goods. On the other hand, the Nobles of the Island, owners of the land, took advantage of the poor villagers who had to work hard on barren soil. Often, the inhabitants of the South suffered from contagious illnesses that ended up killing a whole family. At the same time, the illegal act of usury that thrives on poverty, prevented the economical growth of the area. The inhabitants’ living was based mainly on the rather poor production of goods. The production of wine, olive oil, citrus fruit, vegetables linen and cotton was the most important one.

“Alikes” (a beautiful area by the sea located at the eastern part of Lefkimmi) was a place where the local people could find work but work that was terribly exhausting due to the variously difficult landscape of the area. Fortunately, the extremely hard circumstances of working that lasted for centuries not only did not prevent people from living but on the contrary, gave them the strength, the will and desire to make their life better. So, after the second half of the last century, when Greece went through a period of great development, the inhabitants of Lefkimmi have a leading role. Hard-working people and real fighters of life leave home with the strong determination for a life change, giving priority to getting a good education. And so, until today, Lefkimmi has offered to Corfu numerous successful scientists and business men. The majority always returns to Lefkimmi and spends their holidays, no matter where they now live, as people from Lefkimmi are particularly attached to the place they were born. The ones still living at Lefkimmi, contribute as much as they can to its growth and development.

Lefkimmi today

Today, Lefkimmi, well preserving its authenticity and with its natural ‘’untouched’ beauty is a unique place for vacation, rest and pleasure.

At Mikro Nisi we felt the desire and need to honor the place and the local people. We ‘’entered’’ the kitchen of the elderly women of Lefkimmi looking for their magical local recepies which we discovered and tasted and today, we are happy to say that we are able to recreate them as best as possible. Using old and traditional cooking methods we create an unforgettable experience in gastronomy that tells the story of Lefkimmi. The ‘’kitchen’’ of the Corfiot south has now become our ‘’kitchen’’.

The wonderful sea and sandy beach just can’t wait. On the beach, all sorts of people, trendy or sophisticated, adults or children, families and friends compose the spectacular human mosaic of the real Mediterranean dolce vita (sweet life)! Delicious souvlakia, tasty snacks, refreshing drinks served by our friendly staff, create the most welcoming atmosphere.

Good time and pleasure doesn’t end with a swim in the clear sea. It culminates when the fresh bread rolls in the spicy sauce of ‘’bourdeto’’ or ‘’bianco’’. It is when time just stops as the taste of supremacy begins.

Good food is definitely a way. A way of living, a way of pleasure, care and creativity. A way to expression. And this exact way we have captured and served as best as we can, today and every day at Mikro Nisi.


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