Seasonal Greens

Tomatoes and cherry tomatoes with white pepper and homemade arugula oil on a base of grape must crumble

Legume salad

Fresh and dry legumes (chick peas, lentils, broad beans and wheat) with fresh onion on a base of saute greens

Seafood potato salad

Corfiot potatoes with shrimps, mussels, lime, aromatic herbs and tarama mayo (a mousse made of onion, sunflower oil, lemon juice and fish eggs)

Green salad

Lolo verde, arugula, Greek lettuce, noumboulo (the Corfiot prosciutto), pickled kuquat and apple cider vinaigrette

Seasonal Greens

Steamed seasonal greens and courgettes with fresh herbs, olives, extra virgin oil and cherry tomatoes


Zucchini flowers

Stuffed zucchini flowers with goat cheese and saute greens, topped with a mild lime vinaigrette

Open potato pie

Potatoes, zucchinis, nutmeg and powdered gloves, wrapped in a homemade “filo” pastry

Fried beans

Fried beans served with tarama mayo and cappers

Fava and seafood

Fava beans, shrimps and mussels fried balls, with yogurt and spearmint

Fava beans

Corfiot fava beans with fried onions

Fresh greens

Roasted seasonal greens in the wood-fired oven with finely chopped tomato and yogurt

Pork cheek

Corned beef cheek, cooked in the casserole with a fried egg, pepper and feta cheese

Fresh eggs

Local fresh eggs with tomato and feta cheese cooked in the wood-fired oven

Fried stone fishes

Fried stone fishes in a basket with a lime vinaigrette and sea salt


Cooked over a fire

Rooster pastitsado

Rooster cooked in a tomato sauce with 11 spices, served with fried potatoes and rigatoni pasta, topped with kefalotyri cheese

Smoked rabbit

Smoked rabbit in the woodp-fired oven with dry herbs and olive tree branches. It is served with sald and seasonal greens

In the wood-fired oven

Ewe (female sheep)

Slowed cooked in the wood-fired oven, in white wine, fresh oregano, pepper and thyme. Served with hiopitaki (greek pasta) in corfiot butter and an aromatic olive oil

Chicken with avgolemono

Chicken slow cooked in the casserole with seasonal vegetables and avgolemono (eggs and lemon) sauce

Animal cords and liver

Instestines, kidneys, the liver and the heart of the lamb are cooked on a cabbage beg, with dry figs and tsipouro (Greek alcoholic drink resembling grappa)

In case you want to try something different

Slow cooked beef in a casserole

served with homemade potato gnocchi, topped with graviera cheese


Cooked over a fire

Made with fresh fish or salt cod, we recommend


Fish in a light, aromatic sauce made of white wine and black pepper, with zucchinis and potatoes


Fish bourdeto, cooked in its broth and a rich sauce of onion, garlic, paprika, chill pepper and roasted sweet peppers

In the wood-fired oven

Fresh fish cooked over olive tree branches

On a bed of olive tree branches with lime, black pepper and homemade taliatelli pasta cooked in the fish’s juices

Fresh fish cooked the “Mediterranean” way

Fresh fish cooked in a casserole in a Mediterranean sauce, red onion, olives, capers, sun-dried tomatoes and garlic, served with roasted potatoes

Wine octopus

With tomato sauce, fresh oregano and macaronchini cooked in the juices of the octopus


Fresh, homemade ice cream, made of local seasonal fruits

Homemade pralines and “mantoles” (traditional corfiot sweet with nuts)

Homemade traditional sweets and jams