At Mikro Nisi, cuisine recreates on the table the full meal that people of the Corfiot south were longing to have after their hard working day.

Here, at Mikro Nisi it is important to be hungry. Literally and figuratively, diving into the Mediterranean landscape motivates you to set the hunger free and leaves only the desire to satisfy it. Temperance is unnecessary. Only pleasure is worth.

The majority of the ingredients the chef uses, is locally produced. All foods that can be hand-made like pasta, for instance, are made exclusively at Mikro Nisi. The wood oven, the open fire and the hot charcoal export such a great taste and satisfactory sense that hardly ever can be forgotten.

The generous big plates served at Mikro Nisi, honoring the specific weight of their good reputation and remaining faithful to their origin,can even keep the crust at the bottom of the pan of the careless Corfiot cook. Man is the focus of all inspiration, preparation and pleasure.

The epilogue to this experiential trip in the history of the Corfiot south cuisine is written by the deserts made of fresh local ingredients.

The cuisine at Mikro Nisi is the final destination of the trip to South
Corfu and it is recorded as a gastronomical experience that every visitor would definitely want to repeat.