Food in Corfu: Greek gastronomy at its best at Mikro Nisi Beach Venue.

Food in Corfu has been evolving for several years into an experience with all the elements of Mediterranean, Greek, and local cuisine.

On the Ionian island with the Venetian flair, Italian cuisine has always played a leading role in eating out and at home. Trademark Corfiot dishes such as Bianco, Pastitsada, Sofrito, and Bourdeto are influenced by Italian gastronomy. At the same time, Greek cuisine has recently found its place in Corfu. A typical example is a spit-roasted lamb, a culinary tradition unknown to the people of Corfu until recently; however, nowadays it is typical for Easter but also for celebrations, feasts, and even weddings.

Food in Corfu, Mikro Nisi Beach Venue

Corfu is therefore a crossroad of cultures, and, hence, of gastronomy, since food is an important expression of any culture. The evolution of international gastronomy, the role and the importance it has gained in our lives in recent years, has naturally had its impact on Corfu. Especially as the island receives hundreds of thousands of visitors every year who bring along their own food habits and wish to try new food experiences. But what could be the most enjoyable, special, and representative dining experience in Corfu today?

The cuisine at Mikro Nisi Beach Venue

At Mikro Nisi Beach Venue, the answer to this question is given by two talented chefs. ManolisManatos, a well-traveled Corfiot, and Spyros Dasios, a well-traveled Kefalonian, create the new Greek cuisine, the new gastronomic experience in one of the leading Greek destinations.

Manolis Manatos on the right
Spiros Dassios on the left
Mikro Nisi Greek chefs

Their goal is to create flavors that combine value, technique, locality, freshness, and imagination. ManolisManatos and Spyros Dasios start from the field, the farm, and the sea. They choose the freshest local goods of the highest quality and bring them to their kitchen. They both use modern techniques of international gastronomy but cook in the traditional wood-fired oven and fireplace. They add a few but exquisite foreign ingredients to their dishes, such as sumac and black lemon powder from the Middle East, but rely on local and fresh ingredients.

Greek food

The raw ingredients are what counts most for the two chefs. In the hands of the two chefs, these are converted into a very high-quality final product through techniques and exciting pairings.  However, what they know well and work well with is exclusively excellent raw ingredients of superior quality.

Their commitment starts with the fresh bread that arrives at Mikro Nisi every day from the local baker, the fresh seafood sourced directly from the local fishermen, the local wine, and the vegetables from the local farms, and they never run out of them. Even when imagination triumphs on a dish, even then, the excellent raw ingredients are again the lead.

An authentic gastronomy trip

At Mikro Nisi Beach Venue, the guest can get to know the modern Greek cuisine through dishes that:

• have a pure taste. At each bite, the taste buds can distinguish the ingredients of its content and appreciate their combination.

• have a rich taste. The intensity of the flavors, without becoming obtrusive, creates a great satisfaction of authenticity.

• are generous. They look like the portion that our mom would put on our plate, little is not enough.  They satisfy the appetite stimulated by the salt and the sea.

Risotto at Mikro Nisi Beach Venue , Corfu

Most important:

• The dishes at Mikro Nisi are Greek but not traditional. Their ingredients are sourced from Mediterranean nature; are influenced by other countries, make references to the tradition and the place. But they are modern dishes of contemporary Greek cuisine.

The food in Corfu, at Mikro Nisi Beach Venue, is food in Greece and food in the Mediterranean but with a Corfiottouch. The place, the sea, the meeting of the two charismatic chefs, and the freedom with which they work, created a menu that introduces modern Greek cuisine to the guests and the locals of the island. in the most authentic way.

Mikro Nisi Beach Venue is located in one of the most pristine areas of Corfu. Our knowledge and the experience of the place play a decisive role in the authentic result of its cuisine. Visit it following the instructions below and make your reservation here.

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