Before the sun sets

Le coucher du soleil (France)

Refresing and aromatic flavored gin with gentian liquer, herbs’ and spices’ liquer, finished in an aromatic cucumber and elderberries tonic water

Tramonto (Italy)

Citrus and bubbly, vodka with bergamot liqueur, a sense of lavender and citrus fruits, kumquat, pink grapefruit, lemon and orange sugar oils, completed with mandarin and bergamot soda water

Sunset (England)

Fruity and aromatic with a slight bitter aftertaste, Aperol flavored with a wild strawberry syrup, mango cream and New England Bitters, completed with Prosecco

When the sun goes down

Iliovasilema (Greece)

Slight salty and fruity, a strong gin and vodka combination with a capper and olive aroma, topped with a few drops of homemade basil oil

Yūhi (Japan)

Sweet and sour, with a slight spices’ and pineapple aromas, lemongrass infused gin, finished with coconut cream and Matcha tea

hā ule (Hawai)

Slightly sweet and aromatic, vodka paired with mastiha liqueur, an exotic passion fruit and wild strawberries, with a finishing orchid scent and taste

Puesta K’iin (Mexico)

Aromatic and slightly citrus, tequila blanco with blue agave nectar, homemade orange and pink grapefruit cordial, filled with an aromatic pomegranate and hibiscus soda water

Sonnenuntergang (Germany)

Aged rum with a ginger cordial, fresh pineapple and homemade beer syrup

When the stars go blue

Puesta del Sol (Spain)

Bittersweet and aromatic, gin with bitter liqueurs, vermouth and enriched Spanish eine infused with black cherry, coffee and vanilla aromas

Tera (New Zeland)

Complex Tiki culture cocktail with a long aftertaste, a blend of five rums, combined with kiwi, papaya, spices and orgeat, Tiki and almond milk

Sūryāsta (India)

Slightly smoked and spicy, tequila reposado blended with mescal, mango cream and a homemade jalapeno “foam”