Dolce Vita at Corfu

The Mediterranean sea, often been called the navel of the world, is without any doubt a magical sea of variable colors and forms. With its exceptional beauty it has always been a great source of inspiration for artists, painters, architects, fashion designers, chefs and generally for every human being who loves life and authenticity. One of its unique characteristics is the ability to transform and look different from place to place. So, it looks different at the Spanish, Maroccan and Turkish coast, different around the Aegean islands and certainly different at the shores of Lefkimmi and the Corfiot South where its clarity and calm nature are remarkable!

Here, at the Corfiot South

The strong belief that we must always treasure the gifts that our country and culture have offered us over the years, has never to this day abandoned us. So, here at Mikro Nisi, our priority and precious goal for which we always strive is to continue being our authentic Mediterranean self! Simply becauce it makes us proud!

In the excessively green nature of the Corfiot South we try to keep the natural beauty and the local cuisine ‘’untouched’’. We cook every traditional dish exactly as the women of Lefkimmi would cook it. Besides, they are the ones who taught us the way. We learnt from them! This is the reason why we have built a wood stove and an open fire; to remain faithful to our native place. To be ourselves! And so, we named our cuisine “countrystylecooking” for our foreign friends to be able to understand us.

When time becomes a pleasure

For all Corfiots but especially for those working during the tourist season, we know that free time is precious. At Mikro Nisi we never waste time! The joy and relaxation begins the minute the visitors arrive and without any difficulty park their car in the spacious parking place we provide.

The wonderful sea and sandy beach just can’t wait. On the beach, all sorts of people, trendy or sophisticated, adults or children, families and friends compose the spectacular human mosaic of the real Mediterranean dolce vita (sweet life)! Delicious souvlakia, tasty snacks, refreshing drinks served by our friendly staff, create the most welcoming atmosphere.

Good time and pleasure doesn’t end with a swim in the clear sea. It culminates when the fresh bread rolls in the spicy sauce of ‘’bourdeto’’ or ‘’bianco’’. It is when time just stops as the taste of supremacy begins.

While the glasses of wine cheerfully raise a toast, the magical sunset begins. This is the time when exotic cocktails are served under the orange, yellow and red sun slowly diving in the sea. It is the magical moment when all the world’s poems, smiles and kisses are not enough to describe the great sense! It is the most special and unique time at Mikro Nisi!

Live music or the carefully selected music of a DJ makes all senses relax, travel and celebrate until morning. It is a moment of authenticity. A real cosmopolitan time!


Mikro Nisi is not just one more beach bar. It is a point of reference of time and place. It is a place at Mediterranean Sea where time becomes a real pleasure. Where life is authentic and sweet!

Life at Mikro Nisi, as our neighbors, the Italians, would say, becomes a real ‘’Dolce Vita”!


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Dolce Vita at Corfu

The Mediterranean sea, often been called the navel of the world, is without any doubt a magical sea of variable colors and forms. With its

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