Beaches in Corfu: it’s comfort at every moment which counts.

Beaches in Corfu are countless.  Beaches in Corfu are wonderful.  Each of them with its own beauty.  Some are sandy, others have pebbles, some are circled by green capes, others offer breathtaking sunsets every evening.  No matter how beautiful the beach may be, however, what counts for you choosing a beach where you will have real fun, especially on a cosmopolitan tourist island such as Corfu, is the comfort it offers.

By comfort, we mean:

  • Easy parking
  • Comfortable sunbeds
  • Plenty of sunshades
  • Vastspace (particularly requiredthisyear, due to the Covid 19 pandemic)
  • Service on the beach
  • Music and peace, depending on your mood
  • Stylish place with its own aesthetics
  • Particular flavours
  • Refreshing drinks andcocktails

And, most important:

  • Hospitality, care, smiles!
Beaches in Corfu

The beach at Mikro Nisi Beach Venue

At Mikro Nisi, we believe that beauty, good life, pleasure lay in authenticity and comfort.  That places creating happiness are the places where people feel comfortable.

One of the major pleasures offered by our country is the beaches.  At Mikro Nisi, we deliver even more doses of happiness by offering our best for your pleasure.  It is our priority that all visitors and all Corfiots choosing to spend their day with us will be able to relax.

From the vast parking area, you get down to the beach and you realize, first, that it is a long beach with golden sand and, second, that it is arranged to keep not only the “pandemic” but also the discretion distances between the guests.

The sunbeds are spread on the beach at some distance from one another.  In addition to the sunbeds, there are hammocks and large cushions for those seeking more shade.  These are usually frequented by families and large parties clinking their cocktail glasses till sunset and, even sometimes, till dawn.

Music is always there, at chill-out vibes. On weekends there is usually a live DJ event playing favorite tracks until sunset. You can choose your deckchair very close to the speakers with loud beats or choose a place where the music sounds softer. There is plenty of space for all tastes!


The aesthetics of the venue is in harmony with the colors of nature. The objects, the decoration, the “furniture” with their Mediterranean and boho-chic style create a very natural and yet elegant atmosphere.

Drinks, coffee, and food are served everywhere in the venue from morning till night. As for food, there are beach snacks, all fresh, homemade, deliciously cooked! The signature cocktails are inspired by different countries. As for coffee, just name your preference!

What is most important for us at Mikro Nisi Beach Venue, is comfort turning into joy, smiles, beauty! It is our goal to make you feel welcome, to have a good time, to let yourself be most happy, relaxed and free. Mikro Nisi is not another cosmopolitan place stressing its guests. Mikro Nisi is a place that promises elegance and relaxation. It is a natural and yet cosmopolitan place with endless views and endless comfort.


Comfort in the restaurant

If you decide to dine at the restaurant of Mikro Nisi Beach Venue you will enjoy the same atmosphere as on the beach! Plenty of space, large tables, comfortable seats, relaxed atmosphere. The Mediterranean culture here is reflected not only in the inspired flavors of our cuisine. It is reflected everywhere. In the smiles of our chefs who will come to your table to describe the dishes and listen to your opinion and in the large sofas waiting for you to loaf after your hearty meal.

The sunset

The sunset at Mikro Nisi Beach Venue is one of the most beautiful in Corfu.  To begin with, it is never the same. Its shades and shapes change depending on the weather conditions and the season.

Then, it is a sunset that you can enjoy just as you dream: with a drink at the bar or a drink on the beach, walking on the sand, dancing on the sea, singing, laughing, or moved to tears.

The sunset at Mikro Nisi is experienced with the same comfort as you experience every moment. From the moment you arrive at the greeting of another day always followed by a more beautiful one!

Feel comfortable, become yourself, live authentically, here at Mikro Nisi Beach Venue, in Corfu!

(written by Textum.gr)


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