Mikro Nisi Beach Venue draws a lot of its charm from the beautiful beach it is set on. On the southernmost part of Corfu, far from any loud and crowded tourist resort, lies the beach of Agios Gordios Lefkimmis, a true hidden gem of unique natural beauty.

This is one of the most scenic parts of the island where golden sand and crystalline waters meet to create a sensational landscape. It is the kind of place you want to visit and stay for hours on end, just to admire the beauty of the scenery and enjoy the peace and chill atmosphere of the venue.

Mikro Nisi Beach Venue has been designed so as to blend in naturally with this serene environment, respecting its aesthetics and only adding to the area’s low-key beauty. We have set up an environment full of color and elegance, with loungers, umbrellas and hammocks to make it as cozy as possible. We wanting to stay true to the character of this beach in south Corfu, only highlighting what makes it so special; the sense of privacy and remoteness it gives to the visitor, the easy-going style and relaxing vibes.

Besides, this is an area ideal for free camping and we wanted our effort to complement this lifestyle. We take great pride in the astonishing beauty of this beach in south Corfu, always focused on protecting it and the natural landscape and we invite you to join our efforts and do the same.

While you enjoy the wonderful beach of Agios Gordis Lefkimmis with its soft sand and azure waters, our staff both at the beach bar of Mikro Nisi Beach Venue will be ready to serve you. From coffee and fresh beverages to refreshing cocktails and delicious snacks, Mikro Nisi Beach Venue will always have something to offer to keep you cool and quench your thirst.

Take advantage of this little piece of paradise on the edge of Corfu, one of the loveliest beaches you will get to visit while you are on the island, and relax with your friends or family in this chill environment we have created just for you. Visit Mikro Nisi Beach Venue and experience beach life at its best.