At Mikro Nisi a whole different summer is revealed where the cosmopolitan atmosphere meets the authenticity and coziness of the modern beach life and the pure nature.

The sandy beach and the crystal clear sea are beyond any ordinary attraction. It is a destination of a generous convenience. All services are designed for people who love the taste of the really good life!

Within the untouched nature, pleasure resembles to the view and looks like it: vast and endless.

The comfortable sun lounger, the ‘’separe’’ of a good taste for those who like privacy, the fresh drinks and the delicious food served on the beach, make life sweet!

Families, friendly companies, couples, modern explorers of the Greek beauty and the authentic lifestyle, Mikro Nisi Beach Venue can excite them all as it is the absolute destination of the summer.

The comfort begins the moment the visitor parks (parking space is freely available) and simply doesn’t end. Like the splendid view. Like pleasure.