On the southernmost part of Corfu, tucked between the golden beach and gentle slopes, lies a little piece of paradise. Mikro Nisi Beach Venue is the ultimate summer destination for anyone wishing to experience beach life on the island to the fullest in a private, exclusive setting. Mikro Nisi Beach Venue, or tiny island as the name suggests, is your own private hideaway in the ideal location to escape stress, relax and savor peaceful moments with your friends or family. This is the ultimate summer destination to slow down and relax, as everything in Mikro Nisi Beach Venue follows its own pace.

Nestled along the sun-drenched beach of Agios Gordios, Mikro Nisi Beach Venue offers a chic and inviting venue, away from crowds and overly-touristic beach bars, and promises slow days of soaking up the sun, fading into cool nights with lots of music and cocktails. Our dj sets and summer events will have you dancing the night away.

summertime at mikro nisi beach venue

Mikro Nisi Beach Venue is the perfect combination of sea, entertainment and delicious treats, making it the ultimate summer destination in Corfu island. From drinks to food and snacks, Mikro Nisi always has something tempting to offer. We put our trust in local producers to provide us with quality products, meat, vegetables and fresh fish, but also local wine and olive oil, that make for a memorable culinary experience by the sea. And if you have always dreamed of a beach wedding, Mikro Nisi Beach Venue is the perfect option to host a ceremony and wedding party that will make this special day even more special, with refreshing tastes and its elegant atmosphere.

event hosting at mikro nisi beach venue

Our experience and attention to details is what makes your experience in Mikro Nisi truly unique and what ensures the high quality of services you will enjoy here. What drives our vision for Mikro Nisi is our love for the sea. This venue has been created with a view to gracefully blend in with the aesthetics of the surrounding area but also highlight its beauty, bringing its own color and sophisticated character. This is the perfect spot to relax, enjoy the sea and the sun and cool off with a refreshing drink, in one of Corfu’s most pristine resorts. Just picture yourself in the ultimate summer setting; lying comfortably under the sun, sipping a drink, eyes at the sea. This is Mikro Nisi Beach Venue and we are looking forward to seeing you.